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Chicago Federal Building Bombed

Published September 5, 1918

"Chicago Federal Building Bombed: Four Persons Killed, 75 Injured:
Haywood There at Time: Structure Containing Landis' Courtroom Damaged."
Published in Morning Oregonian [Portland], vol. 58, whole no. 18,029 (Sept. 5, 1918), pp. 1, 3.

Apparently a wire news report of the Sept. 4, 1918 bombing of the Chicago Federal Building. Four were killed and 75 wounded when a high explosive bomb concealed in a suitcase and hidden behind a radiator blew out the Adams Street entrance of the building.
Many injuries resulted from flying glass generated by windows of the lowest three stories of two buildings across the street being blown in on their occupants. The IWW -- 95 members of which had recently been sentenced in the building -- was immediately blamed for the terrorism and raids and arrests proceeded at once.
For his part, IWW Secretary-Treasurer Big Bill Haywood, who was present in the building at the time of the blast, quickly "deplored the outrage" and vehemently denied an IWW connection. "I know that the IWW will be blamed," said Haywood, "but I am convinced in my own heart that no man of my organization was in any way connected with this matter. It would be insane for an IWW to commit such an act at this time." An effort by an IWW attorney to win low bail for convicted members pending appeal was summarily denied in the aftermath of the blast.

Published in USA prior to 1923, public domain.
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